Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cross of Wood, Tomb of Stone

A cross of wood, a tomb of stone

Could not destroy God’s very own

No hand of darkness can withstand

When “Loose My child!” is God’s command

What life, Love, and beauty casts He

On hearts that call Him brokenly

When final blow has cast its lot

In tangled web one now is caught

But as they grieve for all their wrong

He ushers in His healing song

Reserved for those who will repent

Redemption by His Son He sent

Awaken there, oh foolish man!

Call His Name while yet you can

Tarry not, the hour is late

There is no cause that you should wait

The life and Love and beauty there

A place to cast off all your care

Repentance brings His cleansing flood

Forgiveness through His redeeming blood

By Cherry Bieber 03-23-12